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New and sometimes old crocheters may feel intimidated by all of the lingo, stitches, and patterns. So, I have put together a little something to hopefully help you on your journey. Well, what are the 6 easy tips that will make you the best crocheter?

1. Practice.

Practice your fiber craft every day. Even if you are crazy busy. Consistent practice at your art will pay off. You will get more even tension and have smoother transitions when changing colors. Your sewing in the ends will become undetectable. I recently looked at a very early piece that I made when I was first learning and the seeming is just terrible. Yet, I still love it and wear it because it’s something that I made with my own two hands. Take a hook and some yarn everywhere you go. Going to the doctor? Grab your project! Going on a car ride? (If you don’t get car sick) grab your project! You get the drift.

6 tips that will make you the best crocheter

2. Learn one new stitch with each new project.

This will help you to learn what type of stitches that you like the best. It will teach you about the motions of each stitch or stitch pattern. You will find out what a certain stitch looks like in different yarns. I myself don’t really care for the granny square. Gasp! I know, it’s a classic, but, I just can’t bring myself to use it. Now give me a herringbone stitch and I’m all over that.

6 tips that will make you the best crocheter

3. Read, watch, and or purchase a variety of patterns.

There are plenty of free patterns out there to practice with before you decide to buy one. Once you learn to read patterns, then it’s game on. I’m not talking about reading diagrams. That will take a while if you are anything like me, even though I am a visual learner. If I can see a picture of a stitch or watch a demo, then I can try to recreate it. People explain and teach differently, so you will run across a fellow crocheter that breaks things down in a way that is easy for you to absorb.

Some of my favorite designers are found at:

Phew! There’s half of the 6 easy tips that will make you the best crocheter. Onward we go!

4. Get good quality equipment.

If you expect a project to turn out well with really crappy yarn and the cheapest hook set that you can find, you might be disappointed. You don’t have to get really premium yarn or hooks. Just not the worst. Try all kinds of things and experiment. That’s half of the fun of being creative! Soon you will find yourself collecting enough goodies that part of your house will look like a craft store.

6 tips to make you the best crocheter

5. Ergonomics.

Have a small pillow to prop up the arm or elbow of the hand that holds the hook. Once I started doing this, I no longer had a sore shoulder or tennis elbow from the repetitive movement. Mine is a small lumbar pillow that fits perfectly under my right arm. This allows me to not become fatigued too quickly. Once we get in a groove we don’t want to stop!

6 tips that will make you the best crocheter

6. Patience.

Above all don’t rush yourself. When you see mistakes go back and fix them right away. If you can’t, then it becomes a good lesson in self-acceptance! We can always do better tomorrow.

I remember starting, and if a new stitch seemed easy for me, I would crochet as fast as I could. Then come to find out my tension was too tight or my sides were uneven. So, slow down your crochet. Your projects will thank you for it. If you need a quick fix of a completed project, a.k.a. a finished object, have at least one small item to crochet on the hook at the same time that you have a large project going.

Those are the 6 easy tips that will make you the best crocheter. Welcome to the fiber arts community! There are so many awesome people that are willing to help, collaborate, and cheer you on. Clearly, you can do this! I believe in you. So go get yourself some yarn already!

Stay Radiant!


6 tip that will make you the best crocheter

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Stick around and take a look at more free patterns!

6 tips to make you the best crocheter